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Join Our Community Of Top-Tier Freelancers

Key benefits of freelancing with Dazzle

Work with pre-screened clients

As selective as we are with our freelancers, we also want to work with clients who have the right motivations, and fit our way of work.

Set your own preferences

You became a freelancer to be able to have autonomy over your work. Dazzle only aims to amplify that, which is why we’ll consider your preferences in matching you with clients. 

No commercial efforts needed

Dazzle enables you to focus on what you do best: make companies more sustainable. That’s why we take care of the marketing and sales efforts. 

Match based on your skills

Work on projects that make sense given your experience and skills. Our matchmaking system ensures that you work with clients who need you.

Build your skills

Our research has shown that the vast majority of freelancers are making an effort to upskill themselves in the field of sustainability, we’ll make sure you get to put them into practice. 

Collaborate with other freelancers

Freelancing can be lonely at times, and because we think there are inevitable synergies in collaboration, Dazzle offers the unique opportunity to work with peers on selected projects. 


Freelancing with Dazzle

Wat makes Dazzle different?

  • Step 1 - APPLY

    Apply to become a Dazzle freelancer by completing our application form, which contains a self assessment of some of the key topics within sustainability. 


  • Step 2 - ASSESS

    Upon reviewing your application, we will decide whether we can take the next step. If so, you will be invited to prepare a brief case study. We have a half-algorithmic, half-human approach to matchmaking. The purpose of the case study call is to understand how you approach client work, and which specific skillset you would bring to the community. 


  • Step 3 - INVENTORISE

    If the case study goes well, and you score high enough on our 10-point rating system, you will officially be invited to the Dazzle Community. The final onboarding step is to complete the in-depth skills inventory which feeds our matchmaking algorithm. 


  • Step 4 - JOIN

    Join the online Slack community to connect, collaborate and learn. We share resources, give regular updates and host community calls to keep you informed and involve you in growing Dazzle.


  • Step 5 - MATCH

    Dazzle will scope out the project as well as we can, and contact you when we have a potential match. When the match is verified we will arrange for a meet & greet with the client to offer tailored support. 

Open positions

We currently have a community of 100+ vetted freelancers. 

Lifecycle Assessments

Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) Experts

As we get requests from diverse industries, we need more LCA experts in our community. Help companies measure their impact.


MarCom Experts

A growing maturity in organizations' sustainability efforts leads them to want to share their achievements. Help them share this authentically.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Experts

Existing and emerging regulations bring an increasing amount of obligations. Help companies understand how to respond.